An Era of Conscience

The Tai Ji Men Cultural Performances Take Pasadena by Storm

Creating a New Era of Conscience by Spreading Love and Offering Prayers for the World



Tai Ji Men presented spectacular cultural performances titled "Cultural Gems: Love and Prayers for the World" at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium with many distinguished guests in attendance.


The performances, featuring the essence of an ancient culture spanning more than 6,000 years, opened with a magnificent drum and flag formation.


Tai Ji Men members, adorned as angels, guided the audience in a one-minute meditation, offering collective prayers for the well-being of the world.


Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy showcased spectacular cultural performances at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on October 15, 2023 to mark the grand opening of its Pasadena academy. This event drew attendees from across the globe, including former heads of state and South Pasadena Mayor Jon Primuth. The event received great acclaim, and Tai Ji Men extended an invitation to all guests to observe a 60-second moment of silence for world peace.

The event was attended by distinguished guests, including Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, former President of Trinidad and Tobago; Abdessattar Ben Moussa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Arif Huskic, chairman and founder of the Common Word Alliance; Massimo Introvigne, an Italian sociologist and managing director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, and others.


Tai Ji Men’s cultural performance encapsulated rich cultural heritage and profound blessings for all.


The cultural feast, which showcased the rich heritage of a culture spanning more than 6,000 years, commenced with an awe-inspiring display of Tai Ji Men drum and flag formations. Members of Tai Ji Men in angel costumes and five auspicious creatures from Eastern mythology conveyed blessings to the audience. The performances, encompassing music, dance, and martial arts, provided the audience with an experience transcending time and space, enabling them to immerse in an age-old culture infused with newfound vitality. This inspirational journey encouraged everyone to collaboratively usher in an era of conscience.

Children at Tai Ji Men presented a drum formation with liveliness and enthusiasm.   

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the leader of Tai Ji Men, delivered welcome remarks, acknowledging the prevalence of climate-related disasters, the looming specter of conflict, along with societal divisions and economic uncertainties on a global scale. These multifaceted challenges have the potential to induce fear and anxiety in individuals, thereby causing notable imbalances in both their physical and mental health.

Mythical creatures and immortals graced the stage to give positive energy and blessings to the audience.  

Dr. Hong emphasized, “We are all inhabitants of our interconnected and interdependent global community, sharing a collective destiny. It is only when our greater environment is secure and healthy that the safety and well-being of individuals can be assured. The ‘heart’ controls the body, mind, and spirit, and qi (energy) is the essence of everything, affecting our lives from within. Therefore, nurturing positive qi and cultivating a kind heart can help us attain a state of holistic health and well-being.”


Amidst the turbulence of the global landscape, Tai Ji Men presented an enriching cultural spectacle titled "Cultural Gems: Love and Prayers for the World," brimming with rich cultural heritage and profound blessings. The Eight Immortals from Eastern mythology, emblematic of good fortune and happiness, graced the event to bestow their blessings upon all, extending wishes for a world blessed with favorable conditions, harmony, and prosperity. The heavenly melodies that resonated seemed to purify people's hearts, igniting their inner purity and authenticity, enabling them to perceive the paradise within their hearts.

Many attendees expressed their thoughts on the performances. Janet Weiland, vice president of the Churches of Scientology of Los Angeles, said, ”The performances have been stunning, absolutely stunning. And the fact that it's all volunteers and the people have all come out on their own accord to come perform is just amazing.”  She believed that the whole message of conscience and peace and love is so important. “It's like really heartwarming to see so many other people embracing it and spreading it.”

“The show was deeply moving,” said Diane Jacobs, adding that it was not only beautiful visually, but also very deep spiritually. She found the message to be exceptionally remarkable and was pleasantly surprised by its profoundness.

Mei Chih Chiu enthusiastically declared that it was a world-class performance and a rare gem to witness. She was deeply moved to witness Tai Ji Men dedicating resources and energy for the betterment of all. She noted that this endeavor was clearly driven by love, and she personally felt the warmth of this love.

Sandy Huang noted that the performance's emphasis on love and peace deeply resonated with her, especially in the context of the current prevalence of conflicts worldwide. She expressed gratitude for the timely cultural exposition, enabling people to appreciate the value of love and peace.

Judy mentioned that the members of Tai Ji Men radiated positive energy, displaying kindness, and sharing a vision of extending peace and love globally. Their collective goal is to ensure the well-being of everyone.

Exquisite and Spectacular Performances

The Fire Phoenix Dance, performed by Tai Ji Men's female members, served as a symbol of global happiness and acted as a stabilizing influence in the tumultuous world. The Sword Dance, fusing elements of martial arts and dance, as well as modern knights-errant wielding LED swords, embodied the martial arts spirit of "preventing conflict and fostering goodness." The spirited performances of the Tai Ji Men Energy Boys & Energy Girls filled the venue with dynamic dances, encouraging the audience members to partake in joyful dancing and express their energy of love.


Damon Tsai, representative of Tai Ji Men dizi (apprentices), said that Tai Ji Men’s shifu (master) and dizi have been helping people to become healthier in body, mind and spirit through cultural exchanges that were based on their qigong practice.

During the grand openings of the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy in Santa Clara and Pasadena, more than 600 Tai Ji Men members from various parts of the world generously volunteered their time and personally covered their travel expenses to California. They presented remarkable cultural performances free of charge, with the intention of spreading blessings like compassion, good fortune, love, and peace among the local communities, aspiring to contribute to a better world.

By means of cultural exchanges, the most genuine kindness within individuals can be evoked. The exquisite martial arts and qigong techniques have been preserved and passed down from Shifu to dizi across generations. With the infusion of innovative elements from the new generation and contemporary times, these traditions will flourish, taking on a new style and vibrancy.

Tai Ji Men has traveled to more than 300 cities across 101 countries, staging over 3,000 cultural performances that consistently captivate audiences and receive global recognition. Their aspiration is that, through these cultural exchanges, the seeds of love, conscience, and peace will be sown within the hearts of all who witness their presentations.


The Tai Ji Men Cultural Performances Take Pasadena by Storm

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy showcased spectacular cultural performances at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium on October 15, 2023 to mark the grand opening of its Pasadena academy.

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